Who are the private ones?
Brewery inns?




Family run


Unique beers

More than just drinking, eating and staying overnight

What makes private brewery inns special?

In a world characterized by speed and constant change, the private brewery inns rely on a timeless philosophy of cohesion and community. The cornerstones of our members are clearly defined: an in-house brewery, a welcoming inn and a hotel that feels like home - all in family hands. Amid the hustle and bustle of modern life, our establishments offer more than just food, drink and accommodation. Here people find a place of equality where everyone can share and live out their love of good food, beer and comfortable accommodation. These constants create a connection between generations, and more and more young people are looking for a retreat in our brewery inns to switch off from the fast and hectic world. For us, every person counts, and our inns serve as oases of peace and enjoyment - a valuable contrast to the fast-moving, digital reality.

Why do we love
what we do?

We use all our knowledge – and even more passion – for our beloved barley juice. Brew after brew, every day and with full vigor. Beer is used to celebrate, friendships are made and fates are shared. We create the framework for this with around 500 hand-brewed beer specialties, which see the light of day almost every day in the private breweries. Beer has always been an expression of feelings, situations and needs. Over the centuries, habits and general conditions have changed, as have the drinking vessels from which generations of people have enjoyed their wonderful beer. The emotions we feel when we take the first sip have remained the same.

You are proud too
Brewery inn owner: Inside?

A special award:

The Bavarian Beer Order

The Association of Private Breweries has been awarding the Bavarian Beer Order since 1979. The award goes to public figures who have made particular contributions to the brewing industry. In addition to Heiner Geißler, Franz Josef Strauß, Luitpold Prinz von Bayern, Uschi Glas and Ulrich Maly, numerous representatives of our private brewery inns are also among those honored.

The Bavarian Beer Order is a symbol of the preservation and promotion of an enjoyable beer culture and the art of craft brewing.

Hans Ludwig Straub

Three Crowns, Memmelsdorf


Ingmar Michel

Mahr's Bräu brewery, Bamberg


Hanns Konrad Winkler

Winkler Brewery, Lengenfeld