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We offer inns a unique platform to become part of a traditional community that upholds the values of brewing, hospitality and family management.



Creating a great time

Imagine a place where freshness, individual enjoyment and hospitality are very important. A place where tradition is lived and combined with the demands of our time. From people whose hearts beat for this way of life.

You can find this place wherever the art of brewing and cuisine are passionately connected. You can recognize these places by the quality seal of the private brewing inns and hotels - and perhaps your business will soon be one of those places too.

Know where the journey is going

Gather new inspiration

New trends in gastronomy, the hotel industry and the brewing industry – an exciting ongoing topic for all of us. When a member presents his first whiskey after 15 years of storage, he receives praise and recognition. And perhaps it will find imitators. For us, there is only a common path - so we exchange ideas closely internally and externally, as an association, we raise our voices loudly for the concerns and wishes of our industry.

As a whole, the private brewery inns also support your concerns as a valued member - because every point of view brings us all a little further.

Save costs together

Benefit from each other

We generally buy various simple products cheaper. In this way, we cheat the corporations and cut off some of the cost advantage. For example, we offer our members beer carriers or 5 liter kegs at a special price.

In addition, the exchange of expanded knowledge helps with negotiations with your own suppliers or the selection of suitable partners for preliminary products and raw materials.

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