There is now once again touching and friendly evidence that private brewery inns are real family businesses. Because when Michael Sperber, junior manager of Sperber Bräu in Sulzbach-Rosenberg in Upper Palatinate, came up with the idea of developing a fairy-tale coloring book about the brewery, he decided to focus on a piece of family history. This is how the fairy tale “Marlene and the Dragon King” came about, in which daughter Marlene has to take on the mighty Dragon King and experiences all sorts of adventures.

The story takes place far in the past in the former mining capital of Sulzbach-Rosenberg and, in addition to the thrilling plot, also offers some insights into the tradition and craftsmanship of the tranquil place, which grew into the center of the German iron industry in the 19th century. Author Tanja Weiß impressively embeds the story with elves and talking animals into the history of Sulzbach-Rosenberg and of course does not miss out on the magic of brewing beer.

It's no coincidence that the main character Marlene, with her strong character and cheerful nature, is a match for even the fire-breathing dragon Ystorion.

Marlene Sperber has also overcome many fateful challenges in real life. For six weeks she fought her way into life in the children's intensive care unit at St. Marien Hospital in nearby Amberg. “Marlene was a real heroine from birth,” says Michael Sperber, admiring his daughter. "I'm sure she could take on real dragons too."


And the moral of the story?

“Love can also overcome big obstacles,” says author Tanja Weiß. And is pleased that this message is not only conveyed through the storybook. After illustrator Melanie Lipka, mezzo-soprano Nicole Glamsch joined the idea and composed the title song “Marlene’s Mutmachlied”. There is now a whole fairytale world of fairytale coloring books, consisting of colored pencils, children's drinking bottles, gym bags, tote bags and even a “vocal tea”. All products rely on sustainable quality. The good cause plays an important role in the project: What the fairy tale brings in is donated to the premature baby ward at St. Marien Hospital as a thank you. All details can be found at www.marlene-und-der-drachenkönig.de