Hofgut Farny: Inventor of Crystal Wheat now with us

The Farny farm, one of the oldest and largest farms in the Allgäu, is picturesquely located in the countryside between Wangen and Kißlegg. The Hofgut with a modern 4-star hotel, historic brewery, beer garden, wellness area, conference rooms and court chapel is so harmoniously embedded in the surroundings that a small world of its own is revealed to the guests. But beyond the interesting mix of architecture, apart from good cuisine and the family atmosphere, the Hofgut also has a real delicacy to offer from its centuries-old history: Crystal wheat was invented here in 1924.

In 1926, professors from the Weihenstephan State Teaching and Research Institute testified: “It is a very special beer that has a fine effervescence like champagne.” The quality is still unparalleled today. Because it is still brewed to this day according to a closely guarded secret original recipe.

We are pleased that Hofgut Farny, a real beer legend, has found its way into the circle of private brewery inns and would be happy to tell you here all details.