With both feet firmly on the ground: Florian Fontana

The Martinerhof innkeeper walks barefoot. Always and everywhere, for more than 20 years.

Florian Fontana is a South Tyrolean original and is known far beyond the Passeier Valley. The locals are not surprised at anything about “Flor”, except if he is wearing shoes. You read that right. Because the landlord of the Martinerhof is barefoot all year round, regardless of whether it is hot or snowing in St. Martin in Passeier. For him it is the most normal thing in the world and a feeling of freedom.

This was by no means a whim. Florian Fontana had two slipped discs and toe infections. After numerous visits to the doctor, a doctor in Innsbruck finally recommended going barefoot. As a result, Flor got his health problems under control. Besides, going barefoot is also healthy. It trains the muscles in the lower leg, stimulates blood circulation, is good for shaping the feet and is said to have a positive effect on the mood. Actually enough reasons to do it yourself more often.

Editor Dominik Raich from the South Tyrolean radio station Südtirol 1 asked the passionate barefoot runner, who has been almost exclusively barefoot for over 20 years, why he swears by it. Here to listen.

“You walk more consciously, you live more consciously, you perceive everything better, that is freedom.”